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Clinical Support

The Clinical Department is comprised of four Counselors, an Occupational Therapist, an Instructional Support Teacher and our School Nurse. The department meets weekly to discuss the emotional and social needs of each student at Hill Top. This allows the department to help the students be successful in all areas of their day-to-day challenges while living with learning differences.


Marla Mathis- Director of Clinical Support

Michael Clarke- Upper School Counselor

Christopher Peselli- Middle School Counselor

David Ware- Counselor
Michelle Trusty- Occupational Therapist

Susan Butler- Nurse
Carol Navarra- Instructional Support Teacher


Group Counseling

What is Group?

All students at Hill Top are assigned to a group comprised of approximately 6 to 8 students. The groups meet twice weekly throughout the school year. All group sessions are encouraged to be confidential to help the students feel comfortable when sharing about personal experiences and day-to-day challenges.

Some group topics include:

- Social relationships

- Learning style

- Empathy

- Conflict resolution

- Self awareness

While the topics will be addressed by all of the groups, the focus will vary depending on the age and maturity levels of the group members.


Resources for Mental Health Emergencies for Adolescents

1) Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital (Fort Washington) 215-641-5404

2) Devereux-Children’s Behavioral Health (Malvern) 800-935-6789

3) Foundations Behavioral Health (Doylestown) 610-313-1015

4) The Horsham Clinic (Ambler) 215-643-7800