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The Horizons program at Hill Top Prep offers individualized support for neurodivergent students who would benefit from additional time and guidance in planning their post-secondary paths.Taking place over the course of a 10-month academic year, the program is designed to prepare students for both college and the workforce, and focuses on cultivating study strategies, employment readiness, and executive function skills.
If you feel you have a student who would benefit from the opportunities available in the Horizons program, please contact our Director of Post Secondary Transition, Amy Gillespie.
Through parallel enrollment with Chestnut Hill College, students who plan to enroll in a traditional four-year college will have the opportunity to experience the rigor of college work along with the independence and social opportunities of a college schedule. Horizons students will work with the Neurodiversity Initiative at Chestnut Hill and the Transition department at Hill Top to navigate accommodations and communication and generally build academic skills and confidence.
For students who may want another path, there is an opportunity to explore technical and trade programs and focus on progress towards certification in a career field. These students receive the same level of support from Hill Top's Transition department to navigate support systems available at these programs and in the workplace.
Please contact the Horizons Program Team with any questions you may have!
Amy Gillespie
Director of Post Secondary Transition
610-527-3230 x676