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How To Register

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*****The Neurodiversity Success Center is NOW accepting applications*****

The NSC will support adolescents and young adults as they prepare for success in school, college, life, and the world of work. By providing individually designed and small group learning experiences that maximize and harness unique learning styles, the NSC will aid in developing and strengthening academic, executive function, social, and independent living skills. Parent and family resources play an integral role in the program to reinforce acquired skills and techniques. Programs offered through the NSC will be available to Hill Top students and the greater community as well! 
PEERS® Executive Function Coaching College Advising
  • Evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated individuals from teenagers to adults who are interested in strengthening and developing relational skills. 
  • Small groups for adolescents, teens, or young adults are offered. 
  • Sessions are held once a week for 90 minutes
  • Adolescents and teens PEERS® have concurrent parent sessions.
  • Individualized programming with an executive function coach helps people improve cognitive processes, including but not limited to focus, attention, organization, planning, and self-regulation.
  • Single sessions or session packages
  • Individualized programming designed to develop a personalized college search and application plan for neurodiverse high school students. 
  • 25 individualized sessions
Session cost:
$4,000/14 week 
*Due to the nature of PEERS®, participation is required for the full 14 weeks
Session cost:
$150/45 min session 
$4,600 for full 36 weeks
Session cost:
$5,000/year (25 sessions)
Session 1: Beginning the week of September 11, 2023. 
Session 2: February 2024
Flexible Scheduling Flexible Scheduling
** Current Hill Top families receive 25% discount for all NSC programming**
Ways to pre-register:
  • Email Coordinator Mia Henry ([email protected]) about your interest and to schedule a brief interview (30-45 minutes). 
  • Click the link to the pre-registration form
  • Once it is determined that you or your child are a good fit for the program, you will be asked to complete a registration form.