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What are Hill Top Prep's accreditations?
Hill Top Prep is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education as a private school and we are fully accredited by both PAIS and Middle States.
What types of educational disabilities do Hill Top Prep students have?
Our students tend to have a wide scope of learning issues. We have students with AD/HD, dyslexia, Asperger’s Syndrome, non-verbal learning disorders (NLD), auditory processing disorders, written and verbal expressive disorders, math disorders, and reading disorders. Some students may also have a combination of learning issues.

What activities are offered?
Activity clubs are built into the end of the school day and include the visual arts, sports, performing arts, outdoors club, music and audio/visual production clubs, Student Council, and several student-generated clubs focused on topics such as strength training, robotics, 3D modeling, cooking, etc. Opportunities for camping and skiing are also offered to students.

Does Hill Top Prep have competitive sports teams?
Yes, Hill Top Prep offers competitive teams in soccer, basketball, cross country, tennis and golf. All sports teams are co-ed, and there is a no-cut policy.

Does Hill Top Prep provide lunch service?
Yes, parents may pre-order a meal at the beginning of the month. 

Does Hill Top Prep provide transportation?
Hill Top Prep runs a daily shuttle before and after school to the Bryn Mawr Train Station. Some districts provide busing for our students. Otherwise, parents are responsible for transporting students to and from Hill Top Prep’s campus. 

Do Hill Top Prep students wear uniforms?
Hill Top Prep has a dress code policy that is outlined in our Parent/Student Handbook. Formal school uniforms are not required.

What is Hill Top Prep's policy on homework?
Homework is very individualized due to the varied range of learning issues among our students. Each student at Hill Top has a Personalized Education Plan, and homework will vary depending upon each student’s abilities, class placement and phase. The goal of our faculty is to make each student an independent learner who will be able to succeed at the college or university of their choice.

What is the percentage of Hill Top Prep students who go on to college?
Approximately 95% of our students are accepted to either two-year or four-year programs after graduation from Hill Top Prep. We have two college counselors who work closely with students, and we host an annual college fair in November that is open to the entire community.

What makes Hill Top Prep different from the other schools who address the needs of students with learning differences?
One thing that makes Hill Top Prep unique is the emphasis on educating the whole student. Each student has an academic “point” person in the form of a mentor and a social/emotional “point” person in the form of a counselor. Hill Top Prep operates as a community where communication is essential to each student’s success. The student’s mentor makes sure each student is staying on top of their academics and serves as the liaison between each student’s teachers and the parents. The counselor works with each student to help them understand their learning issues, learn self-advocacy skills to help them become independent, and to develop positive self-esteem and confidence. Through the group counseling program, students can bring up and discuss adolescent issues relating to family, peers, or personal things in a forum that helps them learn self-expression and to respect the opinions of others. At Hill Top Prep, we acknowledge that a person’s ability to function as a part of the social environment is as critical as their ability to handle the intellectual demands of higher education and the workplace.