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Employment Opportunities

Assistant Dorm Parent

Hill Top Preparatory School, located in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, offers a small (9 student) five-day boarding program to help male students, grades 9 through 13, develop executive function and independent living skills needed for success during and after high school. The Assistant Dorm Parent’s duties occur primarily during the hours of 5pm-10pm, Sunday through Thursday, leaving weekdays until 5pm and weekends free.
Responsibilities include: co-leading weekly dorm meetings to plan for the week ahead, assisting with the establishment of productive independent living routines (laundry, self-care and other healthy living habits), assisting with meal prep, overseeing student responsibilities, monitoring evening study hours, leading on-campus and off-campus social experiences, promoting and modeling positive social interactions.
Compensation includes: Free room and board (a small private apartment on campus and meals associated with the boarding program), access to campus facilities (gymnasium, fitness center, fields, swimming pool etc.) and a stipend, commensurate with related skills and experience.
Interested candidates should contact David VanDyke, Head of Students and Residential Life by email at [email protected]