Philanthropy at Hill Top is more important now, than ever. 💙

Dear Friend, 
When I came to Hill Top in 8th grade, I didn’t have many real friends. It took some time to adjust but I noticed right away that instead of being punished for difficult behavior, I was being supported. I knew I wanted to do the right things and the teachers at Hill Top showed me how
Annual Fund
Donations to Hill Top's Annual Fund help to provide cutting-edge curricula for students with neurodiverse learning differences with the ultimate goal of achieving personal and professional postsecondary success.
The impact of your participation is two-fold. First and most obvious is the funding that helps to offset operating costs for the programs and projects that allow Hill Top to meet the unique needs of our students.
Equally as important is the validation your participation provides to external funders who are considering Hill Top for major gifts and grants.
They know that when the community is supporting the School, it's a worthy investment!
Did you know that your Pennsylvania State Tax Dollars can be redirected to support scholarships for students at Hill Top Prep? If you pay income tax to the state of Pennsylvania you can donate up to 90%!
If you would like more information or have questions about donating to Hill Top Preparatory School, please call or email Michele Minicozzi, Director of Advancement at
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