Mia Henry » Mia Henry, Program Coordinator, Neurodiversity Success Center

Mia Henry, Program Coordinator, Neurodiversity Success Center

With more than twenty years experience in education, Mia’s exceptional ability to adapt to change and grow from diverse experiences has led her to pioneering the new role of Coordinator of Hill Top Preparatory School’s (HTPS) new Neurodiversity Success Center (NSC).  This pilot initiative is designed to further the school’s mission through increased community outreach through the administration of PEERS® social skills programming, executive functioning training and college counseling support for neurodiverse students in middle school through adulthood.


Mia joined HTPS for the 2019-20 school year. Her leadership skills and organizational abilities were recognized as teachers world-wide adapted to online and hybrid teaching that spring. Mia served as a faculty representative during the school’s Head of School transition and leads the Head’s Advisory Committee designed to support the transition. Mia completed the PAIS Emerging Leaders Cohort, a yearlong training program for aspiring independent school administrators; the PEERS® (UCLA) social skills intensive training; and served as a member of the PAIS Visiting Committee for peer accreditation of the Pilot School in Wilmington, DE.  


Mia holds a BS in psychology from Boston University with a minor in Greek language. She worked in the Psychology Department of Massachusetts General Hospital until personal commitments relocated her to Crete, Greece where she ran her own English-learning center and remained fluent in speaking and writing in Greek. Mia operated the center for ten years and ultimately returned to Philadelphia where she entered K-12 education as a classroom aid at The Quaker School at Horsham (TQS), a small independent school for children who learn differently. She quickly saw a connection between tutoring Greek students English, and teaching dyslexics to read and capitalized on these skills through further professional development. In this role, Mia was recognized for her classroom management skills, collaborative nature, and leadership potential acquiring the credentials to join the student assessment team, as well as help develop a Social Emotional learning curriculum. She also supported the Head of School as a member of a strategic planning task force. Currently, Mia has completed 36 credits towards a Masters in Speech/Language Pathology from LaSalle University. 


This extensive experience has prepared Mia to lead Hill Top’s Neurodiversity Success Center working to apply learned skills with leadership, outreach and organizational development to extend the reach of the school’s unique programming to neurodiverse students who struggle in traditional schools. Mia’s compassionate communication and creative problem solving will create a comprehensive student-centered program for neurodivergent middle, high school and college students and their families.