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Student Travel

Hill Top Prep has always looked for ways to broaden our students’ understanding of the world and how they view themselves in it. We know that most of our students aren’t naturally comfortable with new routines or stepping too far outside of their comfort zones. We know that it’s easier to help our students to understand and navigate what they encounter on a daily basis. But we also know that for those willing to take risks, the benefits are immeasurable. With this in mind, in 2006 we began offering opportunities for our students to expand their world-views and their comfort zones…in a big way.


Since our first incredible Trek through Belize, Hill Top students have travelled to Costa Rica, The Grand Canyon, Italy, Alaska, Ireland, France, Grand Tetons/Yellowstone, British Columbia, Austria/Germany/Switzerland and Iceland. Though the destinations change, the outcome is always the same and we continue to be amazed by our students.