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Not everyone would describe themselves as “athletic” but the benefits of joining a sports team are available to everyone.  Beyond physical fitness, team sports offer valuable lessons in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, responsibility and commitment.  They’re also a great way to get involved, support your school and make connections with others.


Hill Top offers ten co-ed sports throughout the year and experienced or not, all students are welcome and encouraged to participate.  Practices and games for each team are scheduled in such a way that students can participate in multiple sports each season should they wish. 


Offerings By Season…

Fall: Soccer, Cross-Country, Fitness I, Thorncroft Equestrian I

Winter: Basketball, Bowling, Fitness II, Thorncroft Equestrian II

Spring: Tennis, Golf, Outdoors Club, Fitness III, Thorncroft Equestrian III, Ultimate Frisbee