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Head of School Message

Greetings from Hill Top Preparatory School!Hawk Mountain


Overcoming learning and social challenges can often seem insurmountable. As an educator and parent of a neurodivergent student, I understand this firsthand. Moreover, for more than 50 years, Hill Top Preparatory School has been at the forefront of providing innovative approaches to help neurodiverse students succeed in school.


We believe the right environment, support, instruction, and encouragement can be life-changing for bright and creative students who struggle to achieve academic and social success due to performance-based learning differences including ADHD, high functioning autism, specific learning disabilities, executive function challenges, or anxiety. At Hill Top, we value a strong family-school collaboration to ensure our students have both the necessary support structure and preparation for future success in college, work, and life.


How do we accomplish this? Our teachers and support staff work to ensure a safe, nurturing environment providing specialized resources for students whose learning differences have created struggles in learning, self-advocating, fitting in and/or just feeling safe at school. 


Small classes, mentors, a unique phasing system, and proactive counseling support, enable our students to manage college-preparatory academics while participating in extra-curricular and career-focused activities both in and out of the classroom. This approach helps our students to thrive academically, while improving their social skills, and actively planning for their own futures. 


Through classes in entrepreneurship and hands-on employability internships, Hill Top students experience enriching and immersive opportunities first-hand with their teachers and alongside their peers - all while building a strong understanding of real-world concepts. They learn about college success and accumulate immeasurable life experiences through programming that is built right into the daily schedule. College courses both virtual and on local campuses offer Hill Top students increased confidence and competencies for life after high school graduation. Our growing partnerships with local corporations provide work experience, employability, and actual careers with Fortune 500 companies such as SAP, EY, JP Morgan Chase, SEI Investments, and Vanguard.


Hill Top also offers a 5-day boarding program for young men to learn to live independently, create social bonds, and advocate for themselves…. all with an eye to their future.


If you are the parent of a bright neurodivergent student who is not flourishing in a traditional school environment, please contact us for a personal campus visit and tour. Isn’t it time for your child to reach new heights and soar?


All the best,


Kevin M.R. Mayne

Head of School