KWS hosts Spring Fashion Show on Hill Top's Campus

Philadelphia, PA – April 14, 2024 – KWS Productions proudly announces the premiere of a
groundbreaking fashion event highlighting neurodiversity and inclusion and benefiting students
with learning differences. The event, produced by KWS CEO and model Kyle Woodland, will
take place on Saturday, April 27th, at 7:00 pm at the prestigious Hill Top Preparatory School
located at 737 S Ithan Ave, Bryn Mawr, PA.
Founded in 1971, Hill Top Preparatory School has been providing transformative educational
experiences for bright, creative students facing academic and social challenges due to learning
differences, including students with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. The school is
renowned for its commitment to fostering strong family-school collaboration and offering
tailored programs to prepare students for future success as independent adults in college, work,
and life.
Kyle Woodland, diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 2, is a former Hill Top
student who is forging a trailblazing career in the fashion industry, and has spearheaded a
promising partnership with students enrolled in Hill Top's innovative Employability and
Transition program. Evening wear sold by students in the program will be included in this high
fashion event. KWS is also proud to partner with Philadelphia-based fashion designer Christobal,
of “Closet by Christobal”, who is a member of the hearing-impaired community.
"In addition to presenting what we believe will be a truly unique and innovative showcase, KWS
is committed to giving back to Hill Top," Woodland states. “A portion of our ticket proceeds will
be donated to the school, further supporting its exceptional programs and initiatives.”
This collaboration has generated a lot of excitement in the school community. Kevin M.R.
Mayne, Hill Top’s Head of School said, “When our alumni succeed, we succeed. We are so
proud of Kyle and his company, KWS Productions. When he asked if he could hold his Spring
Fashion Show at Hill Top Preparatory School, we thought it would be the perfect venue. Our
mansion setting is ideal, and the fashion show fits in perfectly with the work our students do in
our Employability & Transition program. They recently conducted their 3rd Annual Prom Dress
Sale, helping area teens have access to dresses. As the leader on the Main Line in the education
of neurodiverse learners, Hill Top loves opportunities to showcase how our alumni and students
Woodland reflects on his own experiences: "Hill Top Prep School has had a profound impact on
my life. I received an exceptional education there, and I am honored to give back and inspire
others who, like me, may have doubted their place in the competitive yet rewarding fashion
industry. Together, we can show that anything is possible."

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About KWS Productions

KWS Productions is a leading platform in the fashion industry, dedicated to showcasing talent
and innovation from diverse backgrounds and contributing to good causes. Founded by Kyle
Woodland, a model and advocate for inclusivity, KWS aims to inspire and empower individuals
to pursue their dreams, regardless of challenges they may face. Through partnerships and
community engagement, KWS continues to push boundaries and redefine standards in the
fashion world. For more information visit: The Kyle Woodland Show
About Hill Top Preparatory School:
In the late 1960’s, the Greater Philadelphia area saw an increase in private schools
designed for elementary aged children with learning differences. Unfortunately, the same
opportunities were not available for adolescents. Elissa L. Fisher, Ed.M., saw great
potential in these children and was determined to meet their needs appropriately. She set
out to design an educational environment in which adolescents with learning disabilities
could thrive. The result was Hill Top Preparatory School. For more information visit:
About Christobal (featured designer)
For more information about Christobal, visit Closet by Christobal at: