E/T students help run SEI's 'DOG'tober Fest

Ponies🐴, Dogs🐶, and Frogs🐸 OH MY!
Today, our E/T class had a blast at SEI Investments Company's 'DOGtober' event. Our students honed their workplace skills by managing the employee raffle, helping with setup and teardown, and ensuring our furry (and scaly!) pals had plenty of water.
E/T, short for Employability and Transition, is a program that's truly special for our neurodiverse students. They're gaining skills that'll set them up for success post Hill Top, whether it's college, trade school, or the workforce.
Curious about our unique programs for neurodiverse students? Join us at our Open House on Nov. 8th! RSVP here: https://bit.ly/htpsfallopenhouse 📆