Hill Top Prep's 2022 Spring Break Trip to the Grand Canyon

Some of Hill Top Prep’s Upper School students took a trip to the Grand Canyon during Spring Break this year. The group was gone from April 7-11, and participated in a variety of activities over the course of trip including driving dune buggies through the desert, trekking through the Sunset Crater lava fields, hiking to Devil’s Bridge in Sedona, and examining dinosaur tracks on Navajo Land outside of Flagstaff. One of the trip’s most impactful memories was unfurling a tribute banner to Liam Young ‘23 during a hike through the Grand Canyon.

The group partnered with Appleseed Expeditions for many of their excursions during the week. The students immediately clicked with CEO Joe Moore, who served as a personal guide, and quickly found common ground. Joe, who is neurodiverse, attended a school for children with learning differences as a youth. He overcame bullying and a tough homelife to become a conservation and marine biologist before founding Appleseed Expeditions in 2009. Joe’s messages of perseverance and believing in yourself resonated with our students, and some are hoping to explore potential internships with Appleseed Expeditions in the future.