College Tours with Ms. Gillespie: Eckerd College, Florida

Last month I had the opportunity to travel to Florida for a workshop at Beacon College. Since I was in the area, I made an appointment to visit Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. After talking with our admissions counselor, I did a self-guided tour, so I didn't go into too many was 70* in February, why would I go inside? Mostly I have campus photos. And really, if you're going to look at Eckerd, you've got to be someone who appreciates being outside. The campus is lovely. The buildings are set up so that you enter almost every classroom or office from a sidewalk - no walking down long hallways. Bikes and skateboards are everywhere. It's the Florida coast, so it's super flat. Lots of dogs on campus as well. (Yes, this is a school where you can have pets...within reason. I saw 5 during my walk.) It's right on the beach. They've got a sailing team and kayaks you can use.
Eckerd does require the SAT or ACT. They're looking for a score around 1200/25, although that's just an average, so lower scores don't mean you're out of the runNing. They also want to see a solid GPA, about 3.2 or higher.

They're most popular majors are Marine Biology, Environmental Science, Business, Creative Writing, Psychology, and Animal Science.

They have about 200 students total and the average class size is 19.

The thing I liked the most from them was their orientation program. First year students arrive to campus three weeks before everyone else. During that time you take one full class and get to know the campus and the area. You also meet with a professor who will be your mentor for that first year.
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