Headmaster speaks at Bryn Mawr Rotary Club

Hill Top Preparatory School Headmaster Tom Needham joined the Bryn Mawr Rotary Club for lunch today followed by a presentation about the amazing work happening at the School.


Opening its doors in Bryn Mawr in 1971 not long after the Rotary’s founding in 1969, Hill Top has been providing life-changing experiences for bright and creative students who struggle to achieve academic and social success due to performance-based learning differences for nearly 50 years.


Today, Hill Top students are often challenged with ADHD, high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders, specific learning disabilities, and/or anxiety. Through strong family-school collaboration and a focus on executive functioning and social skills, Hill Top prepares students for future success in college, work, and life as independent adults.


Hill Top’s impact on the community is felt through the life-changing experiences of students and their families, along with the collaboration and partnerships with local colleges, businesses and organizations through the School’s employability and postsecondary transition programs. Hill Top works closely with Cabrini University and The Quadrangle  - to name just a few.

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