2018-19 Yearbook Unveiled

With the end of the school year quickly approaching, the Hill Top Yearbook Team (Makena, David, Claire, Patrick and Katie) unveiled the 2018-19 Yearbook titled, Out of the Blue; Into the Brave. Claire Salisbury explained, that the theme, "contains multiple meanings reflecting the diverse paths students tread to get to Hill Top. From blue to brave, from shadows to light, from ground to sky, Hill Top’s pillar of courage is an integral part to who students are becoming. To work through your difficulties, to learn to soar takes time and perseverance. Trying again and again despite failure requires bravery, the choice to face one’s fear again and again. Leadership necessitates the choice to stand above and stand out, putting yourself on the line to emblemize bravery. This year’s theme, Bravery, is so present in the four pillars of the hawk: courage, perseverance, leadership, and service. Thank you, students of Hill Top Prep for being beautiful and brave, moving forward in your lives past the blues, to find the brave." Katie Bradley was responsible for designing the cover to represent this amazing theme.
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