10th Grade Visits Elmwood Park Zoo

The day started with breakfast and team building games where the students had to work together and use non-verbal communication skills to do the task at hand. We then had a breakfast buffet and everyone practiced their buffet etiquette. Our group traveled to the Elmwood Park Zoo and started on the Ropes Course and Zipline. The group did an awesome job helping each other through the course and motivating their peers to keep going even if there were some fears. They really demonstrated trust in each other which is important when building relationships. Following the ropes course, everyone was in small groups to work together on a photo scavenger hunt. The students had to use a variety of social skills to work together in a group and even to ask for help from the staff at the zoo. We also had an impromptu trip to Rita's to reward the students for being so respectful and cooperative during the trip.
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