Bulletin Board » Community Meeting Announcements June 4, 2021

Community Meeting Announcements June 4, 2021

Community Meeting Announcements
June 4, 2021

Today’s music: This symphony is an orchestral piece from the anime series Neon Genesis and was a suggestion from David Fonseca. It was performed by the Tokyo Symphony in 1997.

Wednesday, June 9th – Books, Materials and Laptops Returned

Visiting Families/Shadow Guide
Luke Ginsburg is shadowing Jamison in 5th grade. please help him feel welcome!

Today, we have two families touring campus who are looking at the 9th grade for their daughters.

Spirit Day-6/10
Next Thursday’s Spirit Day is just around the corner. Upper School groups are posted in the Falcone Room and Snapple room today.

Next Friday is Confluence. An email with a schedule of the day’s activities will be posted and emailed out to everyone.

The schedule for the last day of school-Monday, June 14.
The day begins with a regular start time of 8:25 am.
9:00 am - 8th Grade Moving Up Ceremony- to be held in the Grove, (outside the Mansion) or in the Mansion-please be prompt.
10:00 am - Academic Awards Ceremony (Gym)
11:00 am - All School Cookout
12:00 pm - Dismissal
12:30-1:30 pm - Commencement Rehearsal

All School Cookout Monday, June 14th from 11:00 to 12:00 pm:
Please remember to let me know if your child is going home with you at 12:00 pm by sending in a written note or email to gbarnes@hilltopprep.org by the morning of Friday, June 11th.
Providing me with this information will help me make the appropriate calls to School Districts to cancel buses if needed.

Tuesday, June 15th- Commencement 10:00am (Gym)

Happy Birthday to: Haydn Goodboy!