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Spirit Week

Each year, all Hill Top students celebrate Spirit Week. The week’s programs are developed around the Spirit of the Hawk character education and recognition program and consist of activities, projects and experiences both on and off campus that reflect the four Spirit of the Hawk pillars of Courage, Perseverance, Leadership and Service. 


Spirit Week is anything but traditional, classroom- based education.  It is an opportunity for our students to participate and learn in ways that just aren’t possible during a typical  week of school. Throughout Spirit Week, our students will have opportunities to broaden their understanding  of the world and themselves while developing and strengthening skills that will serve them in the classroom and beyond.


While Spirit Week is not a typical academic week of school, the activities and experiences are designed to address the social and developmental needs of our students and as such, represent an integral component of the Hill Top curriculum. As with any other day of school, attendance during Spirit Week is mandatory for all students. The exception to this rule is that while our seniors are encouraged to participate in Spirit Week, they may opt out in favor of enjoying a traditional senior week at the end of the year. Still, their forms must be completed with parent signature and returned.