Parent Letters

Dear Hill Top community,

At the time of this writing, I can, thankfully, continue to report that we have no reported cases of coronavirus connected with Hill Top Prep.  As we go about our daily lives here on campus we try to never lose sight of how important it is for our students to maintain routine and continue with a focus on teaching. However, it is becoming clear that the world around us is forcing our hand to make decisions about staying at home to help to reduce the exposure for our students and faculty and all families when they all return home from school each day. 

Schools and colleges across the country are asking their communities to stay home to help reduce the spread of the virus and to keep people healthy.  In the past two days we have received notices of many school districts in our area who will be closing with no known cases but out of “an abundance of caution.”  In many cases, they are tying this cancellation to their Spring Break which would have been already on the calendar.  For Hill Top Prep, next week represents only one full day of instruction as there were half days scheduled for group testing on Tuesday through Thursday and no school on Friday due to a Professional Day for the faculty.  Therefore, out of our own abundance of caution we will utilize next week to stay at home and stay away from the public as much as possible.  By using this week, we are not interrupting planned instruction due to the half days of testing on Tuesday through Thursday.  But we will also be able to keep kids off of buses and trains, out of terminals and large group settings which can provide greater risk to their safety.

It is for these reasons that I am asking that everyone stay home next week; Monday, March 16 through Friday March 20

There will be school, as usual, tomorrow on Friday, March 13.  While we are at school tomorrow, teachers and students will have a regular daily schedule and hopefully plan a few extra things that students can do next week while they are off.  

In addition,

  • Faculty will continue their work they have been doing on building lessons for distance learning we will possibly need in the future.
  • Maintenance staff will be using next week to clean and scrub the buildings and furniture on campus.
  • Parents with conferences scheduled for next week will learn from their child’s mentor that they can conduct those conferences via video or phone.  There will also be an option to reschedule them at a later date.

We know that this change in our schedule creates struggles for many of our families.  We also know that many families have growing concerns about the safety of their children.  It is our hope that next week will go a long way in helping us all stay safe and healthy.  

Thank you to our faculty and staff who have continued to be supportive of all of our students, the maintenance folks who have been doing double-duty to keep us extra clean, and to you, our parents, for your patience and trust in the work we do with your children.



Thomas W. Needham, Headmaster


Hill Top Preparatory School

737 South Ithan Ave.

Rosemont, PA  19010

610.527.3230  ext. 645