2019 PROM

Hill Top Preparatory School
hosts its annual
for all
Upper School Students
May 10, 2019
7:00 - 11:00 p.m.
Radnor Valley Country Club
Tickets: $50 each*
To purchase tickets contact Mr. George Sedgwick, Head of Upper School gsedgwick@hilltopprep.org
* Hill Top wants to ensure that every Upper School Student can attend Prom. Please reach out to Mr. Sedgwick if you or someone you know requires financial assistance to purchase a ticket or formalwear. 
Headmaster Tom & Wendy Needham are excited to invite parents of all 'prom-goers' to their home on campus for a night of barbecue and fun while students enjoy the Prom. After drop off, just drive over and hang out until the event is over.
Please RSVP to Tom Needham tneedham@hilltopprep.org if you are planning to attend. 
This year's Prom ticket was designed by Faith Markley '20. Faith is responsible for the design of a number of Hill Top graphics including the new Library sign.