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Entrepreneurial Program Overview

The purpose of the program is to cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, to teach critical and creative problem-solving processes, and to learn to take an idea and turn it into action. Within this project-based entrepreneurial program, students will be fully engaged in a Socratic class where asking and answering questions that stimulate critical thinking while processing ideas is routine. As a result, a learning environment is created where the interaction between students, teachers, and external partners/local entrepreneurs results in co-creative networks. Here students have the opportunity to participate in equal collaborative relationships. A classroom culture of innovation will grow as students begin to ask and discover the answers to questions such as what inspires me? What’s important to me? How can I make a difference?


There will be collaborative and independent work challenges created to develop confidence in planting ideas, taking action, growing a deeper knowledge of self, setting goals, problem-solving, and business development. An emphasis will be placed on character building skills such as resilience, leadership, teamwork, effective communication, citizenship readiness, and time management.


Through partnerships with businesses and entrepreneurs, including alumni and friends of Hill Top, students will acquire a real-world context for entrepreneurship and learn firsthand about developing an idea, venturing forth, and making a business. Students will also learn about branding, resume building, mock interviewing, developing a growth mindset, pitching ideas and self, persuasive writing, advertising, marketing, design thinking, prototyping, and so much more. In this program, students have the potential to create and, develop their very own BIZ.